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UPDATE : Please pray for Will, I had to hold a grief service last Saturday for the guys in my group at Rubinstien Juvenile Facility. Will was the brother of one of my leaders in my group along with another who was his best friend. Will was let out the facility on Thursday and died on Friday of an Overdose. He was 18. Please also consider a donation for HNDP this one we did not reach help us. Please Share, God Bless you thanks in advance

Hope in the Darkness Project
Combating the Opioid Crisis
"Taking it to the Streets of West Virginia”
Urgent Funding Needed for Shuttle Project

Hope in the Darkness Project founded was by Thomas Eades III father to the forgotten youth. He has 26 years of experience working with juveniles and adults in in and out incarceration. A multitude of miracles have come from those 25 years. The HNDP have been holding volunteer groups once a week inside of the lockup facilities. HNDP also work with individuals outside the facilities as a support mechanism. We have been doing this for the last 7 years in the different parts of West Virginia. The HNDP groups are highly attended from 3/4 24 bed facilities to 1/5 of the larger 100 bed facilities. HNDP teaches these groups the wonders of God’s love and mercy. This happens in an open discussion forum from a point of “been there and done that” perspective. The discussions consist of Suicide, Drug Addiction, Hell, Sex and where is God and why does He allow innocent deaths etc.… to happen. These discussions draw on mine and other volunteers experiences they have acquired when they were in the streets. My experiences come from helping the youth in the streets around the world the past 26 years. Also, a past life’s experience of doing everything they have done.
HNDP wants is taken this group environment to the streets where they live and die as requested by many of the past and current participants. Through a combined effort of the Knights of Columbus of WV and HNDP donors we now have a handicap shuttle that seats 12 and will be used as a mobile facility to hold the groups in. What we need now is the Funds for overhead cost, (gas, maintenance, insurance, etcetera. HNDP is an all-volunteer non-profit organization. We want to reach the areas in need, 1st will be the Petersburg to Moorefield to Romney to Keyser then reaching over to Martinsburg.If successful then for the Morgantown, Wheeling, Parkersburg, Huntington, Charleston Area
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