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Hope  In The Darkness Project 



  1. Prayers for all who are involved in this project, Beneficiaries, Volunteers and the Young Men and Women we serve.

                                              100% donations will go to the following

      We are in need of donations to construct and or rent a house to be used as a halfway house.      

  1. Volunteers who feel they can fulfill the call to help the inmates who are God's children


  3. We need donations and or volunteers  for Professional Services:

  4.    Lawyers

  5.    Counselors

  6.    Non-Profit Tax Consultants

  7.    Fundraisers for holding events


  9. For Materials and Operating cost

  10.   Bibles of all Faiths

  11.   Prayer or Teaching Tract's 

  12.   Religious and or Life building Literature 

  13.   Monetary

  14. Hope in the Darkness book purchase for own use

  15. Hope in the Darkness book purchase to donate to project

  16. Bibles-----Catholic or Protestant


More needs will be added as needed

May the Good Lord continue to bless you and your family; you and your family will be kept in our prayers.


              Praise the Lord for You and Thank You,

Brother Tom

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You May Send Checks to:


Hope in the Darkness Project

127 North River Wilderness RD

Delray WV 26714



 Hope in the Darkness Project

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