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Goals for the Future

Establishment of  a Larger Coverage Area and Transitioning Houses

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The Hope in the Darkness Project is now spreading through West Virginia Towns and Correction Facilities,

But We Need Help to continue to finish OUR vision
Blue is covered area

Green is projected coverage Area

Goals We Have Reached

*Establish groups at the local  and State wide Juvenile Detention Center that teaches life lessons by persons who have been through the same problems when they were juveniles and older up to 25’
*Expand the group to other Juvenile Centers in West Virginia as per chart below. Blue is coverage area,   Green is future Coverage area.
*Minister to all young men regardless of faith.
*Offer support other times than the weekly group by communicating through email and phone calls as allowed by the facilities


*Provide phone cards to those who are in need.
*Provide personal items to those in need by putting no more than $20 at one time on their facility account.
*Appear in court with the juveniles to provide support.
*Establish a presence and rapport with the Juvenile Court system.
*Provide books, bibles, religious articles, and other items as requested by the juveniles.
*Purchase and provide other teaching articles as needed.
*Fund Raising through grants and other means such as social media.

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